I first started working with my mom in her in-home daycare as a teenager. It was always inspiring to see how much care my mom put into her work. She went out of her way for the parents that came to her daycare. She would help them over the holidays and weekends if they needed someone to watch their child. She would even provide advice and guidance to her parents. Most of them saw her as a mother figure and needed help and suggestions maybe to life problems that they did not have anyone else to confide in. I saw her passion and I saw how much the parents respected and loved her.

My mom has always been my hero as a single mom coming to a country 23 years ago with two children and not knowing a word of English. She struggled trying to build a good life for her children and putting herself through school and working was difficult for her. She understands the struggle that parents face trying to do the best they can for their children because she too was one of those parents.

When I first graduated from college and I started working with her just before looking for a job I really enjoyed the time with the children and learning from my mom. The parents were all responding really well to the balance my mom and I gave the children. I worked on education with the children and my mom would make them homemade meals and provide the love and security they needed. The parents would say they got the best of both worlds. Before long I realized that I got so much inner satisfaction from seeing the children change and succeed. It was bigger than anything I could have imagined I realized I was making a difference in someone life.

As the director I’m still involved in helping in each classroom throughout the day. I like to come into each room give the teachers suggestions, tools, resources, change diapers, cleans the floor, provide advice, and support on a daily basis. I always appreciate when the teachers/staff and parents give me their input so that we may work together as a team. We work on providing the children first and foremost with love and creating a bond with them. I think once you have that everything else comes naturally.


I continue to learn every day from my teachers, families, and each child that comes to Papillion. I know that these parents trust us with their children and I take that very seriously. I want to continue to do my best for these children! They are the future, they will become what we instill in them, I want them to leave Papillion with a great foundation.

Papillion has a special meaning to my family and me. We named it after a family member that had passed away at a young age. It also means butterfly in French and is very fitting for what we aim to accomplish with the children. We want them to grow at Papillion and gain all the tools they need to one-day fly away just like a butterfly!

I want them to grow at Papillion and gain all the tools they need to one-day fly away, just like a butterfly!

Larisa Tanovic


Our goal is to enrich the lives of children, feed them fresh homemade food and provide them with excellent care, love, and education.