Our daughter has been with the staff at Papillion since she was 3 months old. She is now 3 ½ and we could not be more pleased with the care that she has received over the years. Our daughter has now begun preschool at Papillion and we have been equally satisfied with her transition and her abilities. We are kept informed of her progress, not only on a daily basis, but also through progress reports that are filled out by her teachers. Yasna, Larisa, and their staff are so very loving, and truly feel like family to us. The daycare center is immaculate, the meals are home cooked, and there is plenty of room inside and outside for the children to enjoy themselves. The staff at Papillion goes the extra mile and does the little things, like having a birthday celebration for each child’s birthday, just to make them feel special. The care that is given at Papillion is comparable to the care you would expect your own family to provide your children. It takes a special kind of person/people to do what this staff does every day. Seeing the love she is given and excitement on our daughter’s face each day that she spends at Papillion is a constant reminder that she is getting the best care possible.

Tanya Christian

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My son Tristan has been attending Papillion Enrichment Center for a little over 3 years now. I have had such a wonderful experience there. He gets great care in a very loving and family oriented atmosphere. The meals they provide to him are above and beyond what I would expect from a daycare. He has developed into such a smart and polite young boy. He has been spelling his name since he was 2. I am so at ease while he is in their care. I know that he is in good hands. I would highly recommend Papillion Enrichment Center.

Jeannine Videtic

Papillion Enhancement Center was recommended to me by a friend. At that time I could not imagine how fortunate I would be to find them. My 3 ½ year old daughter was able to spell and write her first and last name within two weeks, she was doing yoga poses at home at night and talking a mile a minute about her new friends at “school” and Nana’s delicious soup. The center cultivates creativity, a positive self-esteem and friendship. I am also impressed with the multicultural atmosphere that is embraced by the caregivers. My daughter sings songs in English, Croatian and Russian, which is phenomenal for her developmentally. Yasna (also known as Nana by the kids), her husband Tony and daughter Larisa made me feel at ease immediately and my daughter loves them all, they are like family. They take the time to organize social gatherings periodically through the year for the parents to get to know each other and they send pictures or mini movies to your email weekly of your child being engaged in various activities like arts and crafts, singing or dancing. It is difficult to express though words how truly blessed I feel to have found these people and this place to care for my daughter when I can’t.

Sanja I.

As a working mom, I have peace of mind knowing that my son, Michael is very happy and safe at the Papillion Enrichment Center. It is more than just a day care; they are like a family to us, providing just the right amount of love & care, education and discipline. I have noticed an exceptional amount development in my child – intellectually, socially and emotionally. Thank you Papillion!

Janna N.

A year ago, when I enrolled my son at Yasna’s Daycare, my precious, unique baby had special needs. My son had acid reflux and was having a very difficult time transitioning to solid foods. I explained these issues to Yasna, and without flinching, she agreed to enroll my son. Yasna explained that she was a former nurse, and felt confident that she could work with my son’s special need. Over the next year, Yasna cared for my son, as if he were her own son. She prepared, breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily. Yasna and Larisa, sat with my son at each meal, and taught him how to eat, despite his very unique eating challenges. I grew to trust Yasna and her staff, and my son grew to love her beyond simply being his caregiver. I now refer to Yasna, Larisa and Tony as our extended family. My son has progressed not only with his eating, but also progressed intellectually! My two year-old son has learned so much from Yasna, Larisa and their staff! Enrolling my son at Papillion has been one of the best decisions of my son’s life. This is the place where a child can be loved, grow and learn!

Tasha S

Papillion enrichment center was recommended to me by an ex teacher who worked in the previous daycare that my 20 month old son attended. First time I visited Papillion enrichment center, I was impressed by hygiene level, the quality of food and the goodness of Miss Yasna and her team. They accomodate my son’s need the way I requested as a mother. If you are not happy with your actual daycare provider, please don’t hesitate to check out Papillion center, you will be happy you did



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